"Newcomer of the Year" - Swedish Folk and World Music Awards 2017

activity grant

Awilas is really happy to announce that we recived a grant at 50 000 skr from The Swedish Arts Council.  Thank you #konstnärsnämnden


Awilas is very happy to announce that we have been selected to participate in this years Folkelarm in Norway that will take place between 16-19 November! We are really looking forward to that!


About Folkelarm

Branch conference with a touch of festival. Folkelarm is a industry convention for traditional music, world music and traditional dance.

Folkelarm is the largest get-together of the international folk- and world music community in Scandinavia. Artists from Norway and the Nordic countries get to showcase in front of a large audience eager to discover new music. The concert program is a mix of the most intriguing newcomers in Norway and the Nordic region, and established and well known artists.





Awilas is "Newcomer of the Year" at Swedish Folk and world music awards 2017

On the 18th of March at the Folk and world music awards, Awilas was announced "Newcomer of the Year". We are very happy for all the people who voted for us! The motivation from the jury:

"Folk music is tradition and tradition is development, change. To find new tracks along the old paths makes folk music alive. Here the tradition and innovation meets in a particularly strong encounter, here is a winner that with intricate interplay and curious minds, looks beyond the fences and invites us to new experiences.

"Folkmusik är tradition och tradition är utveckling, förändring. Att hitta nya stickspår längs gamla stigar gör folkmusiken levande. Här möts tradition och nytänkande alldeles särskilt starkt, här är en vinnare som med intrikat samspel och nyfikna sinnen ser bortom gärsgårdarna och bjuder in oss till nya upplevelser."



Awilas debut album was released on the 16th of October 2016 at Kompani 415 in Gothenburg and is now availabe on Spotify and Itunes. For the release concert called "Under Awilas himmel" the duo invited the artists Li Molnar Kronlid - dance & coregraphy, Love Lidén - video art, Žofka Kašparová - flute, Camilla Strandberg - voice and Hallimash, art.

The album was recorded and mixed by Joel Bille during the cold winter in a small cottage in Fiskebäckskil and is a result of four years experimentation and playing around with lyrics, sounds and music. The album is released by Awilas.

To buy the album send an email to: with your adress and contact information.

Price: 1 CD 160 SEK + 22 SEK delivery charge within Sweden. For delivery charge abroad, contact us.

 Cover art by Hallimash  Layout by Lina Loca

Cover art by Hallimash

Layout by Lina Loca

"A few times each year a swedish record is released that just knock me out and seems almost impossible to stop listening to. …and now the new duo Awilas debut album was emerged - fantastic! Voice- and accordionbased, partly improvised new folk that has the courage to take its time up to the faboulus outbursts that tells about the hardships and heartfelt sides of human life." Per Guldbrandsen, producer P2-världen SR

I regnet faller stjärnor” is just as alluring and peacefully star glimmering as the title suggests. The two female voices floats, weaves and intertwine around each other in something of the most beautiful I’ve heard from a swedish record this year. ”                              Timo Kangas, LIRA

"Vilken alldeles underbar CD! Instrumentation! Genialt! Inte en ton för mycket. Och texterna! Vi njuter!"                           Marie Selander,  sångerska