"Newcomer of the Year" - Swedish Folk and World Music Awards 2017

Cover art by Hallimash  Layout by Lina Loca

Cover art by Hallimash

Layout by Lina Loca

I regnet faller stjärnor” is just as alluring and peacefully star glimmering as the title suggests. The two female voices floats, weaves and intertwine around each other in something of the most beautiful I’ve heard from a swedish record this year. ”                              Timo Kangas, LIRA  




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A few times each year a swedish record is released that just knock me out and seems almost impossible to stop listening to. …and now the new duo Awilas debut album was emerged - fantastic! Voice- and accordionbased, partly improvised new folk that has the courage to take its time up to the faboulus outbursts that tells about the hardships and heartfelt sides of human life." Per Guldbrandsen, producer P2-världen SR